Communication resources during COVID-19

With this site we strive to provide comprehensive communication design resources as we all navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Stay tuned since we'll be updating periodically as more resources become available.

Managing Employees New To Remote Work

One of the best ways to ensure consistency and continuity, in good times or bad, is to have a dynamic employee handbook..

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Prepare to Scale During COVID-19

Check out the Spring 2020 issue of GDS Quarterly for a step by step blueprint on how to build a reliable process for process-building.

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Plant now, harvest later: managing your sales cycle in uncertain times

Learn how to design a communications strategy built for success during uncertain times and after.

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Build better processes during COVID-19

Use this time to build processes designed to increase efficiency and map out a better digital customer experience (CX) for your prospects and clients.

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Serve now, sell later - building relationships in COVID-19

Is COVID-19 upending your marketing plans? Learn how to build valuable customer relationships in unpredictable times.

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B2B email marketing in times of uncertainty

When we face times of uncertainty, adjusting strategic email campaigns can be exceptionally challenging. Here are a few tips to keep in mind...

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Why communicating clearly now is more important than ever

 Communicate clearly during uncertain times by establishing a considered and thoughtful communications framework.

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Crafting digital customer experiences with design

Don't let social distancing hold you back from providing awesome customer experience. 

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9 step guide to creating awesome webinars

Learn how to create an awesome webinar in 9 steps. We provide best practices and tips to help you make the most of your webinar content and process.

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