GDS Quarterly Issue #3: Why design should be part of your strategy.

Share a little to learn a lot.

In this issue, we look at the less-obvious benefits of design. We also spoke with seasoned marketing professionals about how they communicate their value, the future of their industries, and where they look for inspiration.


The Not-So-Obvious Benefits
of Design

Incorporate design during the planning stage to build more efficient strategies and clearer communications.

Why Customers Crave
Behind-the-Scenes Content

Communicate the true value of your products and services to new and existing clients by sharing behind the scenes content.

Jay Kurahashi-Sofue On Educating The Uninitiated

Jay Kurahashi-Sofue Head of Marketing at Fluidity, discusses how to educate the uninitiated and where to find a gold mine of marketing information.

Meredith Wood from Fundera Shares How to Sell More than One Story

Meredith Wood, VP of Marketing at Fundera, reveals insights to successfully sell more than one story.

Break Through the Noise with
Farah Casalini

GDS talks with Farah Casalini, Chief Creative Officer at Conext, about strategies for breaking through the noise to target new clients.

Murph Krajewski Wants to Start a Call Center Revolution

VP of Marketing at Sharpen, Murph Krajewski talks about how to revolutionize the call center industry.

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