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New B2B Website TopDesignFirms Features Gallery Design Studio NYC

(New York City - June 18th, 2021) we are very happy to announce that our company has been one of the pioneers featured on TopDesignFirms’ website! Being named as a leading B2B content creation studio on their platform really solidifies our legacy in the communication design industry.

TDF is the newest B2B website that features, compiles, and organizes companies offering marketing, design, and development services. They aim to help buyers find the right company for their next business projects. They are already considered one of the top resources for buyers looking for top design and marketing companies in the market today!

We’re proud that TDF chose to feature us on their site for the reasons above and our compelling online reviews and ratings helped us make it onto TDF’s platform, see reviews here.


About GDS

Cut through the noise and make an impact. since 2015, we've helped 80+ innovative B2B tech companies gain clarity in their messaging and package that message into visually engaging content. Through a combination of brand messaging strategy and Done-For-You content creation services, we help B2B tech firms clearly articulate what it is they do and how they provide value so that they can gain and retain their ideal customers. Capabilities: 

  • Brand Messaging
  • Copywriting + Editing
  • Explainer Videos 
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • Webinar Creative
  • Ebooks + White Papers
  • Sales Sheets 
  • Web Design & Development


PR Inquiries Contact

For Gallery Design Studio PR Inquiries contact Gregory Rose at: 
[email protected]
+1 917 414 2942


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