Infographics help present complex information clearly.

Humans process visual information much faster than text.

Your customers are drowning in data. The average person has to sort through 90 emails and 4,000 ads every single day. To your audiences, your company’s message is like a drop of water in a flood of information.

Grab and hold your customers’ attention when communicating important information or technical concepts, with an exciting visual format. Learn more about the power of infographics for your organization here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Use infographics on their own or embed them into articles and presentations to communicate with your audience. The strategic combination of text and visuals make your message instantly clear to your customers, and can help you persuade them to take action.

Plug in infographics at different stages of your customers' digital customer journey: 

  • Awareness phase: use in social media posts and pitch decks
  • Research phase: add to landing pages and whitepapers
  • Consideration phase: add to casestudies and blogposts
  • Onboarding: add to how-to guides and industry articles

1. Prepare the copy. We'll draft clear, concise copy for your infographic.

2. Sketch out design. We'll create a digital sketch so we can focus on information hierarchy and flow.

3. Finalize design. Once we've figured out hierarchy and flow, we'll add detailed illustrations to bring your infographic to life.

4. Iterations. With quick drafts and turnaround times, we can give you an infographic that fits your vision. We typically include 3 rounds of iterations.

Time will vary depending on the amount of iterations and when necessary assets are provided. On average it will take about 2 weeks.

Your feedback matters to us. With our agile process, we’ll carefully listen to your input and build it into our work, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We may make suggestions, but ultimately it's your project and you have the final say.

Communicate visually with infographics.


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