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The Manifest Names Gallery Design Studio Among NYC's Most Creative Agencies

At Gallery Design Studio, we go beyond content creation. We are passionate about helping B2B tech companies shorten their sales cycle by crafting clear, crisp, and visually engaging content for the different stages of the customer journey.


Recently, we’ve been made aware that The Manifest has recognized Gallery Design Studio as one of New York City’s most reviewed advertising companies! For context, The Manifest is a business news and how-to website that showcases the best firms across different industries, helping buyers find the best fit service providers for their next big project.


To better understand how significant this is for us, we’re here to share with you our journey.

In 2015

Caroline Petersen established Gallery Design Studio to help top-tier B2B tech companies grow, scale, and retain best-fit clients with visual content. As a result, we empower notable B2B tech companies with the confidence they need to sell their solutions so they can continue solving real-world problems in critical industries.


In 2021

A software company needed to determine what collateral and content strategy to use as they were not aligned with the company’s new design aesthetic. We helped the company by setting an aesthetic that they could use their present collateral and content strategy. We worked through all iterations of the design aesthetic, aiming to help them consistently produce and iterate branded content that resonated with their desired audience.


“They customize everything and provide us with bespoke services. As a result, we have a unique brand design.” – Director of Growth Marketing, Software Company


In 2022

The Manifest celebrates the 15 most reviewed vendors in New York City, highlighting Gallery Design Studio among the leaders in the advertising space. Thank you to our clients for their continued support and the opportunity to prove that we can handle any challenges they have.


“We are honored to be featured as Clutch Leader in New York City’s advertising industry.” – Caroline Petersen, Founder & Creative Director, Gallery Design Studio


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