Streamline customer onboarding so you can scale.

Are you overwhelmed by “high-touch” new customer training?

Don't have time to strategize and prepare customer onboarding educational content?

Are you struggling to convert trial users to paying customers?

Acquiring new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones.



Customers need to see your value from day 1 or they’ll go somewhere else.

Specifically designed for B2B product marketers and onboarding specialists, The GDS Customer Onboarding Blueprint is a brand new, online step-by-step online training with six practical modules. We will walk you through everything you need to know about how to strategize, design, and implement customer educational onboarding content for higher engagement and faster adoption.

Whether you are bringing on a new client or launching a new feature or service, you will be equipped with the knowledge to build a repeatable scalable onboarding process. 


  • Take the pressure off your team. Minimize "high touch" client training by providing key information beforehand and promoting self-service educational onboarding content.
  • Reduce abandonment. Guide new customers directly to the elements that best support their immediate needs using a variety of educational content types.
  • Minimize churn. Make your service offering easier to adopt to minimize customers dropping off due to unsatisfactory experiences.
  • Reduce trial dumps. Connect your trial and onboarding sequences to familiarize trial users with your most valuable features.
  • Minimize costs. Once you have an awesome onboarding program in place, existing customers require far less direct investment than new ones.


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Here's what you'll get:

An A-Z roadmap delivered across 6 online modules on how to design an onboarding content program from start to finish. 

Know which creative assets to use and when to enhance the customer onboarding learning experience

Worksheets and templates to get you started with your customer onboarding content from day 1.

Access to our exclusive online portal containing 6 practical training modules.

Over 90% of customers

 feel that the companies they buy from ‘could do better’ when it comes to onboarding new users/customers. 

69% of people say

that they feel more video should be used when asked how they feel companies could improve onboarding.

Nearly 63% of customers

 say that onboarding – the level of support they’re likely to receive post sale – is an important consideration in whether they make the decision in the first place.


Program Instructor 

Caroline Petersen, Founder + Creative Director at Gallery Design Studio NYC

With over 10 years of marketing and communication design experience, Caroline is passionate about helping businesses solve problems visually. Her strong problem-solving skills and eye for design helps clients transmit complex information clearly, concisely, and in a visually engaging way. Relentlessly curious, she's inspired by experimentation and always looks for better ways to serve her clients.

Great onboarding is about clarity.

Win higher retention, happier customers, and reduce employee stress by providing new clients with a clear roadmap with concise, visually engaging onboarding content.

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