Content strategy to attract qualified leads and retain customers.

Don't have time to strategize and plan marketing content?

Don't have the resources to keep up with the content creation process?

Are you struggling to get qualified leads with your content?

We hear you loud and clear


The GDS Communication Design Coaching Program

Specifically designed for B2B marketers, work directly with our experienced founder and creative director to successfully strategize, plan, and execute creative content. We'll guide you on 3 key topics:

  • How to most efficiently streamline your content strategy, planning, and execution processes when you don't have time
  • How to craft messaging that is clear, concise, and visually engaging, so that you effectively communicate what it is your company does and how it provides value 
  • How to effectively offload tasks and delegate to your creative team so that you maximize their talent
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Coaching takeaways

Game plan. Get a big picture framework of what needs to get done.

Where there is clarity there is revenue. Learn how to make your messaging crisp and crystal clear.

Storytelling power. Learn how to plan compelling stories so that your organization's product is relatable.

Less is more. Do more with existing content by repurposing what you already have. 

Consistency is quality. Understand how to keep your content consistent across touchpoints and how to keep your look to feel fresh and up to date. 

Offload. Learn how to effectively delegate and motivate your creative team for best results. 

Move the needle with powerful content.

Leverage compelling messaging with impactful visuals to strategically express information. Great content is about communicating effectively; it's a combination of strategic business thinking and problem-solving skills combined with creative technical capabilities such as graphic design, illustration, and animation.

Our Process

We will:

- Examine your target audience

- Audit your current content

- Analyze what worked and what didn't

We'll help you:

- Map out a clear game plan based on your target audience, goals, and budget

- Ease your busy schedule by providing ready-made tested frameworks and cheatsheets so you can plan efficiently and nimbly 

We'll go over:

- Best content types and information layout suggestions

- How to most effectively offload work from your plate by delegating

- How to effectively communicate with creative teams so you can leverage their talent to their full potential 

Gain clarity. Minimize the overwhelm. Propel action now. 

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