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Not all information about your company can be trimmed into a soundbite.

white paper is an in-depth explanation of a specific topic or product feature. They can be used to clarify technical information, establish your authority, and dive deep into the details of your industry. Because white papers require the customers to share their contact information before downloading, it’s a useful tool to capture leads and build your email list. See how whitepapers will sell your organization here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Be informative. A whitepaper isn’t the place to make a hard sell; keep the focus on the research. Offer a thorough, nuanced perspective on a specific topic, with facts that a customer can’t get anywhere else.
  • Structure for readability. Condense the most important information and key points of into the introduction. Whitepapers are often more technical and dense, but should still be readable by non-expert audiences.
  • Professional data visualization. Customers expect more hard data from whitepapers than other forms of content marketing, like blogposts or ebooks. Use minimalist charts, tables, and graphs to spotlight crucial information.

Whitepapers can be used at different stages of your customer's journey.

  • Research and consideration stage: provide expert insight, technical information and logical arguments as to why your product or service is the best option
  • Retention stage: use whitepapers to provide exclusive customer content

1. Prepare the copy. We'll draft clear, concise copy based on the facts and figures you provide us.

2. Sketch out design. We'll create a digital sketch so we can focus on information hierarchy and flow.

3. Finalize design. Once we've figured out hierarchy and flow, we'll add detailed illustrations to bring your whitepaper to life.

4. Iterations. With quick drafts and turnaround times, we can give you a whitepaper that fits your vision. We typically include 3 rounds of iterations.

Time will vary depending on the amount of iterations and when necessary assets are provided. On average it takes about 2 weeks.

Your feedback matters to us. With our agile process, we’ll carefully listen to your input and build it into our work, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. We may make suggestions, but ultimately it's your project and you have the final say.

Be a thought leader with professional white papers.


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