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AI Video Generating Software for B2B Marketers 101

content production Jun 26, 2024

There are lots of companies jumping on the AI bandwagon, and it’s hard to sift out what’s useful for your B2B marketing and how to incorporate AI into your content production workflow.


In this article, we'll break down the vast sea of AI video programs that seem to pop up every day. These can be divided into different categories: Generative AI, Animated Character and Avatar Videos, and Templated Videos. Each type serves different purposes in your marketing efforts.


Generative AI


Generative AI uses the latest technology to create videos from simple text prompts. While these tools can generate good results, they are still in their early stages and can sometimes produce odd or creepy results (think AI people with 7 fingers).


Here’s our worst nightmare that we accidentally generated with Dream Machine.

Although less useful for B2B software content creation, they can still be handy for certain marketing content. Here are some powerful generative AI video tools:




LumaAI Dream Machine

Sora AI


Templated Videos


Templated video programs are more practical for businesses. These tools use AI to help create simple, effective videos such as explainer videos or product demos, using pre-made templates. These are not as personalized or complex as videos we can create for you, but they’re a good option if you want to DIY on a budget.


Some notable tools include:








Animated Characters and Avatars


For more engaging content, consider using programs that create videos with animated characters or avatars. These can be used to explain your product or onboard clients and employees.


Create Studio


If you need videos featuring human-like avatars for customer training or employee onboarding, these tools will be helpful:




Bottom Line


When chatting with VFX studio founder Lucien Harris on our podcast, he explained that generative AI’s main use will not be to create feature-films from scratch. Their most useful implementation will be through established design companies such as Adobe and Canva integrating AI into their programs, making them more powerful than ever. 


We agree with Lucien’s assessment that AI is most useful in the hands of skilled designers and marketers.


To find out more about how we can help you create purpose-built videos and other sales enablement content for your tech business, check out our GDS Monthly Membership.

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