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What The Content Is

"Content" is all the stuff you put out there to get folks clued in on what your product or service can do and the problem it solves.

It’s the communication materials you share to help people understand the problem your product solves 
and the product itself.

It's like giving mini-lessons to potential customers to prime them to become buyers when they are ready.

The goal is to educate potential customers about their problem, whether they know about it or not, and then convey how your offering solves that problem.


Enterprise software can be complex and challenging to understand. Content such as detailed guides, explainer videos, and whitepapers can demystify these complexities, making it easier for prospects to grasp the value of the software.

Shorter Sales Cycle

B2B sales cycles tend to be lengthy due to the high consideration required before purchases. Effective content can preemptively address potential questions and concerns, educating prospects before they even make the first sales call. This readiness can accelerate the decision-making process, reducing the time and resources spent on each sale.


Content serves as a foundational element in establishing trust between a company and its potential customers. By providing valuable, relevant, and consistent information, companies can demonstrate their expertise and reliability, fostering a sense of security and trust that is crucial for long-term business relationships.

Scalable Communicationt

Content allows for a one-to-many communication approach, efficiently reaching a large audience without the need to proportionally increase the sales team. This scalability means companies can extend their reach and influence without significant additional costs.

Clear Onboarding

Content plays a vital role in the onboarding process, helping new users understand and utilize software to its fullest potential. Through well-crafted tutorials, FAQs, and usage scenarios, content can enhance user experience, reduce learning curves, and ensure customers get the most out of their investment.

Lack of Consistency

Without a unified voice and cohesive messaging, content can come across as disjointed. Consistency in tone, style, and delivery is crucial to build brand trust and credibility.

Lack of Planning

Often, content creation is approached sporadically, with a piecemeal strategy that lacks a comprehensive plan. This can lead to missed opportunities in forming a strong, strategic content foundation that engages and converts over time.

Lack of Foundation

Content is not just about creating content; it’s about aligning your content in a way that amplifies your brand values and mission as well as your business goals.

Lack of Ownership

In many organizations, no single role takes full responsibility for overseeing content across the entire customer journey. This lack of ownership can lead to gaps in how content supports the customer.

Continuous Iteration

Market conditions are always evolving, as are business needs. Content strategies must be flexible and adaptive, requiring ongoing evaluation and modification to ensure they remain effective and relevant.

Disjointed Teams

Often, marketing, sales, customer success, and management teams operate in silos, which can hinder the cohesive creation and implementation of content. The sees the brand as a unified entity, and disjointed communications can degrade their experience.

Resource Intensive

Producing high-quality content requires a variety of skilled professionals like writers, designers, animators, and content strategists. Coordinating among these diverse skill sets demands training, time and budget.

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