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B2B email marketing in times of uncertainty

blogpost communication design Mar 25, 2020

Samantha Reid Aviña | Gallery Design Studio Editor + Copywriter


Marketing directors and executives have always known their industry is subject to changes in society and the economy. Marketing evolves rapidly and transitions quickly, many marketers, in fact, thrive in the ever-changing environment. But when we face times of uncertainty, adjusting strategic email campaigns can be exceptionally challenging. 


Finding the right balance of words and intent is always hard. At times like these, the struggle can feel overwhelming. Prospects and clients still need to hear from your organization however, so it’s important you provide the information they need when they need it. 



Make sure you’re using the right tone. In case you’re wondering, now is not the time for jokes of any kind. It’s generally inadvisable to make jokes about serious current events, but it’s absolutely the wrong tone during uncertain times. It’s important to provide levity and be uplifting wherever possible while ensuring your messaging is not inappropriate or offensive.

Your tone should reflect your approach to the times. Be direct, straightforward, and upbeat without seeming naive or out of touch. 



Connect with your audience as soon as you are able. You want to be proactive and decisive. Quickly prepare a cohesive approach for the new landscape and start implementing new strategies. This includes reviewing all existing email campaigns and cadences to ensure they are updated and messaging makes sense for the current situation.

Connect but don’t overwhelm. You don’t want to be seen as taking advantage of the situation. This is not the time to flood consumers’ inboxes, you want to be a trusted voice, that legitimately cares about helping the community.



Be mindful of the type of images you use on your email campaign. In our current time of social distancing, for example, you want to avoid images of large crowds. It’s critical that your imagery does not distract from your messaging. In unpredictable times, context can change with a news update, so it’s important to frequently update imagery as needed as well.

Imagery should be relevant to the message and the context. Make sure your imagery fits today’s context.



Share positive news with your audience. During uncertain times, the actions we take as individuals and as companies reflect our values. Show your audience how your company values remaining steadfast, even during challenging times.

Share steps you’re taking to support your employees, community, customers, and partners. If you have resources that can help your clients or prospects specifically navigate these evolving times, be sure to share them. 

Share relevant, useful, and uplifting information. The goal is to offer assistance and stability. 



Update your customers with new important information as appropriate. Remember the advice from above: do not overwhelm. Updates should only be sent out when the audience needs the information. The content of the updates should be tailored so the messaging is direct. How does this update impact your audience and their relationship with your company? Are there any important steps the audience needs to take? Ensure the language answers these questions clearly.

Update your audience with important and timely messaging. Updates must be clear and succinct to maximize comprehension and minimize confusion.


The antidote to uncertainty isn’t unabashed certainty, it’s steadfastness and trustworthiness. Like all of us, consumers crave reliability and dependability, particularly during unsettling times. Make sure your email marketing is decisive, compassionate, focused, and resolute.




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Samantha is a copywriter at Gallery Design Studio. Samantha is passionate about using precise and evocative messaging to connect with clients. She has written for journals, online publications, and blogs.