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Feb 15, 2023

To use generative AI or to not use generative AI is…not the question. The question is: How will you use art AI?

Many graphic designers, copywriters and artists are struggling with big questions and concerns over the rise of art AI. Some of our team members are seriously worried.

Are our jobs at risk? Our careers? Our livelihoods?

No. No. And no.

Like any newfangled tool, the latest art AI platforms are dazzling. It seems like you can have any art or creative you need at the touch of a button. Instant art layout of those 2 items you can’t find stock of together! Instant drafts of newsletter or social copy! With such powerful new creative tools, marketing managers may be thinking they don’t need design teams anymore.  They would be wrong. Without humans on their creative team, their brands will probably suffer.

At this point, art AI is delivering what are essentially sophisticated stock imagery options. Brands must be very careful with how they deploy it–many companies are encountering copyright and trademark issues when using these untested tools. Consider the news that Getty Images is suing an AI art generator; this is just the tip of the potential litigious avalanche that misuse of these art AI can cause.

Trends alone won’t save you. Tools alone won’t generate revenue-driving creative.

To use generative AI to increase sales and revenue, you need a team of designers that understands how to use AI to free up their drafting time so they can spend more time being creative.

Graphic design is the art of placement and balancing elements. AI can’t do this.

AI doesn’t care about your brand guidelines. It doesn’t care about your artistic style or consistency. To make the best use of artificial intelligence, you need human intelligence. 

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