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Get the creative support you deserve with Gallery Design Studio

creative design Jan 15, 2019


When it comes to your creative needs, our creative team hits the sweet spot between big corporate agencies, with fancy global offices and hefty price tags, and independent freelancers, who can’t always give you the innovative solutions you need.

Here’s why we can be the perfect partner for you.


1. Competitive pricing

An in-house design team might seem more cost-effective than working with an outside firm, but it comes with hidden costs. To make the right hire, you have to invest time and money in the recruiting and on-boarding process, in addition to covering their full-time benefits and expensive design software.  An outside partnership gives you more project time and working hours for your budget, which is great for companies whose creative needs vary from month to month—you might not always have enough work to keep your in-house team busy full time. Without the hiring and training process, you can free up your team to work on other higher-level tasks. 

Our team can give you design solutions that don’t break the bank. No project is too small: we know you can get big results from the little things, like social media, blogposts, or a website upgrade, not just the flashy projects big agencies love. We focus our efforts on where your marketing dollars will go the furthest to have the maximum impact for your business. Since we have lower overhead than the big guys, it means less costs get passed onto your company.


2. Outside perspective from someone who "gets" it

One benefit of in-house creatives is that they’re part of your culture; it might seem like an external partnership won’t really understand what you’re looking for, leading to lots of wasted time and back and forth. 

At Gallery Design Studio, we work as an extension of your team to keep your brand and culture connected. With our motivated team, we can really delve into what makes your business tick and also bring perspective from across industries. While freelancers and big agencies might only have experience working with one specific client, we’re inspired by the challenges of working with different innovative companies. Experience with a range of clients helps us cross-pollinate ideas and develop creative, one-of-a-kind approaches. 

We replace the climb-the-ladder corporate attitude of big agencies with a culture built on collaboration and experimentation. Working together 2 + 2 = 5; we can bounce ideas off each other and collide different perspectives and insights to come up with innovative solutions that are more than the sum of their parts.


3. Personal & Reliable

At Gallery Design Studio, you’re never an afterthought. We’re passionate about your team and the work you do: because we take on fewer clients, we can make you our priority with exclusive treatment. 

In contrast to big agencies with lots of competing demands, our team dedicates the time, energy, and attention to help you solve your creative problems. 

Sometimes there’s no substitute for in-person collaboration. Headquartered in New York City, our team can work with you on-site to really dive into your business headfirst.


4. We adapt to your changing needs

As your business grows, we can scale with you more smoothly than a single freelancer can. Our multidisciplinary team can bring on additional skills and expertise—website development, video, graphics, animation, UX/UI, copywriting—without extra overhead for your company. We customize work to your company and adapt with you.

Without layers of bureaucracy and higher-ups that need to weigh in on every creative decision, we’re used to moving fast. Our nimble team can experiment more freely and test new solutions to give you deliverables quickly and often. For our select group of clients, we offer faster turnaround and response times.


5. No handholding with the right talent

Here at Gallery Design Studio, everyone needs to pull their weight. With specialized knowledge in specific disciplines, we know what works and what doesn’t, and our team of creatives works together to provide seamless solutions simply one freelancer can not offer on their own.

Freelancers and in-house teams sometimes require a lengthy quality control process to make sure their work is up to your standards, here at Gallery Design Studio we handle project management in house, which means peace of mind for your team. Because bringing on new clients is our bread and butter, we streamlined our on-boarding process through experience. We know what questions to ask to quickly get what you’re looking for. Here at Gallery Design Studio, your point of contact is the one actually doing the work, so we’re fully immersed in your goals and values. Plus with our monthly service package, you get a controlled budget, without ballooning costs.

While freelancers, in-house teams and big agencies offer unique benefits, each comes at a cost for small and medium sized businesses. Here at Gallery Design Studio we strike a balance between high-quality design and cost-effective solutions, a jolt of rocket fuel for growing companies.

For ongoing creative support, our monthly design package can fulfill your ongoing marketing, video, social media, or web/app design needs.

 Why choose a monthly package?

  1. Have a creative partner you can count on for reliable, on-demand support.
  2. Receive exclusive treatment. With quick response and turnaround times, your projects are our priority.
  3. Keep your brand fresh and up-to-date with consistent creative collaborations.
  4. Stay on budget with one flat monthly fee.

Want to learn more? Contact Caroline for a quote at [email protected]