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How to Work with Designers: A Guide for B2B Tech Marketers

Jun 27, 2024


We all know design is important, but how about working with the people who get design done?

Choosing the right designers for your project is important (more about that here), but it's just as important to know how to work with them.

What do they need to get the job done and to design B2B software content that will win the heart of your intended audience and boost sales?


Understanding the Design Process


Designers are visual problem solvers who turn abstract ideas into tangible forms.

Think of the design process as an iceberg: what you see is only a small part of the whole. The visible part includes the final designs and drafts, but beneath the surface lies extensive research, brainstorming, and conceptual development.

It starts with understanding your brief and doing initial research.

The next stage is keyword analysis and mood-boarding. (We have a proprietary system for that!)

Once that's done, designers ideate and conceptualize design concepts and then craft drafts. (We occasionally rhyme too.)

The designer will then present a draft to you, the client. At Gallery Design Studio, we prefer to share more basic options, show progress, get feedback, and proceed on preferred options. We find this saves us from wasting time on a design approach the client may reject anyway.

After a final client review to ensure the design meets expectations, the final, approved design files are delivered.


5 Common Mistakes Marketers Make


  1. Bad brief: Not being clear about project requirements, such as who the designs are for, where they will be used, and in what context.
  2. Too much copy: The less, the better. Tech products are hard. Don't make them harder by cluttering the page with endless copy.
  3. Over-management: Don't micromanage designers. Frequent calls or interruptions are disruptive.  Inflexible, very prescriptive brand guidelines are also inhibitive.
    • Insider tip: Avoid sending paragraph-long briefs—designers typically don't love to read long instructions before starting. If you have a lot to convey, better schedule a call.
  4. Not enough budget: Design is labor-intensive. Even with Gen AI, things still need to be created and edited by a human. Compromising on quality for lower costs can backfire.
  5. Bad feedback: Providing vague feedback that isn't specific about what you like and don't, and not providing timely feedback are all detractors.


Tips for Better Collaboration with Designers


First off, clearly communicate who the design is for and what you aim to achieve. Designers aren’t mind readers; a simple screenshot of a design you like can be incredibly helpful. Familiarizing yourself with basic design principles can also make your feedback more constructive.

Respect is crucial. Be candid and honest about projects, but remember to be polite.

Provide specific and timely feedback—nothing drags everyone down more than waiting weeks for input. If designers need Figma files, brand guidelines, or an expensive font, provide them as soon as possible.

Adhering to project timelines is equally important. Those deadlines exist for a reason, often to ensure the best quality work. And remember, be open to iteration rather than expecting perfection right away. Being flexible and open to revisions improves the final outcome.


Bottom Line


Working with designers is a collaborative process that can significantly impact your brand’s success. By effectively communicating your needs, you can create a strong, consistent brand that resonates with your audience.


At Gallery Design Studio, we specialize in helping businesses develop their visual identity and communicate their brand effectively. Contact us today to learn how we can help elevate your brand to the next level.

If you are a B2B tech marketer in need of strategic content design and production, learn more about how we can help here.



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