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Computer Vision Software
for Edge AI Devices

Standardize branding & drive revenue
North America, Australia
Despite limited budget, they needed assets to convey power & complexity of their software solution
Explainer videos, evaluation kits, sales & pitch decks, custom iconography and diagrams 
- Revitalized brand look & feel
- Attracted new leads with content
- Expanded their sales funnel

Engagement type
GDS Monthly™ Standard. Learn more about our membership here



Harness the power of edge AI with Xailient to deliver peace of mind.

Xailient's computer vision AI for Edge devices empowers innovators to bring their visions to life.

Xailient's software solutions enable companies to deploy their devices for continuous monitoring and updating while ensuring privacy-safe data collection.

Operating at exceptionally low power, Xailient's software products make embedded Edge computer vision accurate, real-time, and cost-effective, addressing the most challenging problems in the Enterprise CV lifecycle.

Our team has created a series of content pieces from pitch decks, to RFP designs to diagram designs, to enhance their presence, effectively putting them in the spotlight and attracting new leads.


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