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Creative solutions to 4 major marketing challenges

design & strategy Apr 02, 2019

Katy Cesarotti | Gallery Design Studio Editor + Copywriter


 Today’s marketing teams have to juggle more responsibilities than ever before. With advances in automation and new technology, marketing increasingly overlaps with sales and customer service. CMOs need to balance right-brain analytical strategy with left-brain innovation as they seek to engage customers in meaningful ways.





1. Campaigns that work

Marketing teams are under a lot of pressure to drive ROI for their marketing budget. More than just making impressions and building awareness, companies are looking for measurable returns. For accountability, SMEs need marketing campaigns that clearly connect to more leads, more sales, and a positive impact on the bottom line.


2. Digital overload

Especially for long-term experts in the field, it can be difficult to keep up with the constantly evolving trends in digital technology. CMOs need to choose which technology to invest in and prioritize to stay at the forefront of industry changes. Even though automation can streamline campaigns, customers want interactions to feel authentic and human, instead of robotic. What innovations are worthwhile to exceed customer expectations, and when will traditional solutions work?


3. The new “customer experience” paradigm

The industry is undergoing a sea of changes as small and medium-sized business focus on the holistic customer experience, driving emotional engagement at every stage in your relationship. Often companies focus on hard sell tactics at the end of the funnel, but the industry is shifting towards holistic, efficient approaches that serve the customer at every stage in their customer journey. By letting top of the funnel prospects slip through the cracks, you could be missing out on potential revenue.


4. Standing out from the competition

Your company needs to cut through the noise of competing ads and offers with breakthrough messaging. No matter how amazing your service is, customers will not care until you make it clear how it addresses their needs and benefits them. What makes your marketing initiatives more engaging or relevant than your competitor’s? How can you stand out?




The right creative support can help your marketing team mitigate these challenges and engage customers on a meaningful level.


Customer Journey Creative Solutions Cheat Sheet 


1. Compelling creative increases ROI

Visuals grab the viewer's’ attention and hold it. Instead of just pretty graphics, concentrate on solutions that generate leads and drive meaningful action. With lead-generating tactics like eye-catching downloadable whitepapers and casestudies, you can capture more prospects and build credibility.


2. Digital revolution

Before buying a new tool, take a step back and consider your marketing goals. Prioritize purchases based on your most important objectives: content creation, email automation, analytics, etc. Shiny new software might be exciting, but make sure there’s a plan for who will use it and how it fits into your overall strategy. Websites like G2Crowd help you compare options side by side and choose the best fit for your business.

CMOs also need to consider the team’s capabilities: if your staff already have the right skills, or if they’ll need onboarding to maximize productivity. For design expertise for example, creative partners already have access to cutting edge tools for graphic design, video editing, and social media scheduling.


3. A holistic strategy for the customer journey

Strategic creative solutions address customer needs not just at the point of purchase, but throughout their entire relationship with your brand. Having customer experience top of mind you can provide creative deliverables that make the greatest impact at each stage of your customer's journey. Use bold infographics to build awareness, data visualizations to highlight key facts, or explainer videos to support existing customers. Check out our creative solutions cheat sheet here.


4. Competitive advantage

Relevant campaigns prove to prospects that you understand their problems and that you’re the best solution. With creative partners who share your vision, you can showcase what differentiates you from the competition.

Digital Customer Experience How-to guide


Thought leadership content gives customers information they actually need to make decisions. Build trust with professional creative collateral and provide your marketing team with reliable ongoing design support.


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